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Providing a Competitive Advantage

Sometimes all it takes to gain a competitive advantage is collaboration with an outsider who can provide a fresh perspective. When start-ups and companies partner with Brenda Bertog, who is centrally based in Wichita, Kansas, they innovate with an outside consultant who confidently uses the toolkit in an unorthodox manner.

“With an entrepreneurial spirit, I have a passion for the education and technology industries, as well as start-up companies. It is enthralling to connect with dreamers and others who are growing their businesses, and I often act as the voice or champion connecting executive business strategy with tactical activities on the ground.”
-Brenda Bertog, Consultant

Brenda Bertog Consulting Wichita Ks Industry Strategy Startup

Connecting Strategy With Action

Whether working within the Midwest in a contract role or in a new business venture, Brenda is adept at translating business strategies into action. She has extensive experience in the technology, education and start-up industries.


  • Managing cross-functional teams
  • Developing product strategies
  • Building bridges between product vision and tactical activities

Embracing Challenges Together

Brenda enjoys connecting with people and embracing challenges together. Complete the online form to schedule a convenient time to chat!